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Sampled By Who?? David Porter vs Puffy & The Rza

Yes another week another sample, this time around i'm honoured to introduce a fantastic slice of music from the Stax Records label. Arranged and performed by David Porter, who alongside cohort Isaac Hayes, rose to prominence writing a shedload of songs for numerous Stax artists in the 60's and 70's. Originally released as a single in 1971 before it appeared on his LP "Victim Of The Joke? An Opera" also in '71, This tune has two main samples both of which involve a simple piano refrain that you will surely recognize, go on use your ears:

David Porter - I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over

In the Big Apple 23 years later on, a young man named Christopher Wallace and his producer / manager Sean Combs were in the process of recording one of the hottest hiphop LPs of all time, and lifted a piano hook from the tune above which created the basis of 'Who Shot Ya'. After it was released in '95 Tupac thought the song was a diss regarding his shooting in a recording studio in New York in November 1994, although both Biggie and Combs both went on record saying it wasn't as it had been recorded before the incident, nonetheless it is widely considered that Shakur recorded 'Hit 'Em Up' as an answer, although he did save a few choice words for Mobb Deep and freestyle genius Chino XL, who duly recorded 'Drop a Gem On 'Em' and 'Who Shot Ya?' respectivelly, sure i got that on wax somewhere... Anyway despite all the controversy this remains to be a catchy little beat and one of my favoutires from the 'Ready to Die' longplayer.

Notorious BIG - Who Shot You?

Now we're in New York (again) and Robert F. Diggs and his older cousin Gary Grice were plotting world domination with another 7 of their mates. In 1993 the group they were in went supernova and spawned various solo recording projects for the main protagonists. Grice under his moniker The Genius or the GZA dropped a jaw dropping album widely regarded as a milestone in hiphop 'Liquid Swordz'. The LP was entirely produced by Diggs aka Prince Rakeem or the RZA who at the time was cemeting his reputation as the creator of the rawest kung fu styled hiphop beats. It was the first Wu solo LP I purcahsed and still remember ordering my CD copy from Our Price week before it came out - the internet didn't exist in those days and if you wanted tunes, you had to hope Our Price stocked it, order it in yourself, or go to a big store Reading or London to cop that shit. After going down there after 6th form everday for two weeks they finally they had it, having been weened on hiphop with the likes of Cypress Hill, NWA, ONYX and Tupac and it flipped my mind. I was blown away by the intense rawness of the soundscape and masterful rhyming laid down by the RZA, GZA and co. Tracks like Shadowboxing, Liquid Swords and 4th Chamber changed my life! This track is not my favourite of the album, to many heavy tunes on there, however it's still a bad tune which also samples a fantastic film: Shogun Assasin - as several other tracks on Liquid Swordz do. Featuring Old Dirty on the chorus and Wu members Masta Killa and inspectah Deck, this is some real hip hop shit, check it out:

Gza - Duel Of The Iron Mic

And finally a little touch of modern day underground new york music, a retake on the above tune by the Els Michels Affair. Released in 2006 on 7" and also appearing on the 'Enter the 37th Chamber LP' it's well worth looking up! :P

El Michels Affair - Duel Of The Iron Mic

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